BLACKPINK’s Lisa Has An Adorable Mukbang Battle With “Youth With You 3” Mentors

It’s break time for the Youth With You 3 mentors, so it’s time to eat!

During a break in filming for Youth With You 3, Lisa engaged in a little mukbang battle with her fellow mentor Will Pan.


After seeing Lisa snack on a delicious snowflake crisp pastry, mentor Will Pan got hungry. Luckily, his subconscious call for food was answered, and he received a bowl of instant ramen from staff. From there, he challenged Lisa to ramen vs chicken food battle, which Lisa readily accepted.

It seemed like Lisa had lost this little mukbang after Will Pan brought out some sausages, but Lisa countered with her own version, showing off her stick of sausage and rice cake.


After their little mukbang battle ended, Lisa cutely asked the mentors “please come here, I’ll take you guys to a good place!” How sweet!