BLACKPINK’s Lisa Gains Attention For Her Hilariously Unique Take On Jisoo’s “FLOWER” TikTok Challenge

The new trend online involves pets but Lisa added her own twist! 😂

When it comes to being supportive of each other, BLACKPINK always showcases their love for each other in the funniest and most random ways. Recently, Lisa proved she’s the biggest Jisoo fangirl by participating in a unique take on her member’s TikTok challenge.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

At the end of March, Jisoo finally released her debut album ME and shocked fans with her unreal talent and visuals with the title track, “FLOWER.”

Jisoo’s MV for “FLOWER” | BLACKPINK/YouTube
| BLACKPINK/YouTube   

Part of Jisoo’s release gave netizens an amazing “FLOWER” TikTok challenge.

BLACKPINK Jisoo’s “FLOWER” TikTok challenge

Yet, while it’s normal for netizens to make their own interpretation of challenges, Jisoo’s “Flower” has gained attention for the cutest reason. After the song was released, netizens started their own take on the trend and focused on the flower part… with their pets.

With the point hand movement, netizens had their pets as the center of the flower…

After returning from Japan, Lisa and Jisoo arrived at Incheon Airport to head to LA before their Coachella performance. As expected, the idols managed to put huge smiles on the faces of netizens, as Lisa’s unexpected actions caused both Jisoo and the managers to have to run after her.

Walking through the airport, both idols promoted “FLOWER” in every way possible and greeted fans.

When they arrived at security, even as they were waiting to be let into the terminal after passport control, the duo continued to interact with the media. Suddenly, Lisa wrapped her hands around Jisoo’s head and started to seemingly do the “FLOWER” pet trend but using Jisoo instead.

After seeing what Lisa did, netizens couldn’t get enough of her actions, with many joking that the idol was probably lurking online if she knew about the trend.

While Jisoo’s original “FLOWER” challenge is beautiful, there is no doubt that the pet version is absolutely adorable, and it’s hilarious that even the members have seemingly caught onto it.

You can read more about the TikTok challenge below.

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