BLACKPINK’s Lisa Commended For Bright Attitude In Mini Fanmeet After “Crazy Horse” Performance

Fans were grateful!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa was the belle of the ball at her first performance in the Crazy Horse show in Paris, France. She lit up the stage with solo and team dance numbers, showcasing her sexy side unlike anything she’s done before.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa (pink wig) and the Crazy Horse team

It was a strictly private event as guards confiscated the phones of every audience member until the end of the 90-minute show.

Luckily for most BLINKs, Lisa graciously met them outside the venue after the show. She signed autographs and interacted with them brightly, and they posted only the most glowing reviews online!

1. When she made time to greet fans

First up, the first thing Lisa did after the show wasn’t rest, but meet the fans who waited for her outside.

2. When she waved happily

Though she must’ve been tired from her set, she still interacted with them brightly.

3. When each one was given a smile

Lisa did her best to sign as many autographs as she could with the biggest smile on her face.

4. When fans were left satisfied

Everyone waiting agreed that she was “the sweetest human ever.”

5. When she said goodbye one last time

Knowing that she was the main attraction, she gave a last wave to the crowd which they absolutely loved.

6. When she was beaming with joy

Lisa looked at peace following her viral performance earlier that night.

7. And when she finally rolled away from the venue

Needless to say, both Lisa and fans were proud of her!

Lisa will perform in the Crazy Horse Paris cabaret show from September 28 to 30.