BLACKPINK’s Lisa Surprises BABYMONSTER’s Chiquita And Pharita With Gifts

Chiquita went into full fangirl mode.

Not only did BLACKPINK‘s Lisa give BABYMONSTER‘s Chiquita and Pharita feedback on their dancing, but she also treated her juniors to a few more surprises.

After eating a Thai meal that Lisa arranged to remind them of home, she revealed she had something else planned for Pharita and Chiquita.

Turning Chiquita into a total fangirl, Lisa gifted the two trainees with her LALISA album. Making it even more special, she signed both of the albums right in front of them.

Because Lisa is one of the artists Chiquita admires, it was a moment she couldn’t forget and a gift she’d treasure forever. Chiquita said, “It felt so good to get gifts from someone that I look up to. That’s why I’m going to keep it well.

Watch Lisa make Chiquita and Pharita’s day with personalized gifts.