BLACKPINK’s Lisa Becomes A Hot Topic Online For Her Mesmerizing Barefaced Visuals At Taiwan Airport

Lisa’s sleepy and innocent look became a hot topic!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa always looks flawless wherever she goes!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Whether she is attending an event, performing on stage, or sharing selfies on Instagram, Lisa is undoubtedly a true beauty through and through.

Lisa on stage | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram
Lisa at an event for CELINE | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram
Lisa at a market during the Christmas period | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Yet, although Lisa always looks stunning, all dressed up for huge occasions, the idol has always proved that she looks just as beautiful without any makeup and dressed casually.

In particular, the idol became a hot topic on Weibo after pictures of Lisa at the airport were circulated online. While Lisa is normally seen with amazing clothes and makeup, she’s also not afraid to show a more real side to herself.

On March 20, Lisa returned to Korea after their recent shows in Taiwan. The media captured shots of Lisa getting into the car after greeting them…

It seems like fan photos on Weibo under the title “Lisa airport photos without makeup” have taken the internet by storm.

While the Korean media took photos of Lisa returning, netizens were obsessed with photos of Lisa in Taiwan, with the description saying, “Lisa’s Taiwan airport photos without makeup, so pretty!”

In photos shared on Weibo that received thousands of views and comments, Lisa was seen at the Taiwan airport heading back to Korea.

Considering the group’s crazy schedule, it wasn’t surprising that Lisa looked tired and seemed like she had just woken up from a nap.

In particular, in close-up photos, although Lisa looked a bit confused and sleepy, she was truly gorgeous and ensured that she greeted fans.

When the photos were shared, netizens couldn’t get enough of Lisa’s photos, loving how beautiful and innocent she looked.

As always, Lisa is always the main event, whether she is styled to perfection or is looking naturally flawless after a tiring schedule.

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Source: Weibo