BLACKPINK’s Lisa Opens Up About The Time She Felt Like A Burden To The Group

Here’s what made her feel better.

BLACKPINK recently made history as the third girl group to ever appear on the cover of Rolling Stone. Here, they opened up about deeper, not well known topics about their lives.

BLACKPINK | Rolling Stone

One of them was the self-doubt Lisa felt when she was a new singer. BLINKs may not be aware that she experienced an especially grueling time around four years ago.

That whole year between ‘As If It’s Your Last’ [2017] and ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ [2018] was rough for me.

— Lisa


She lost her voice along with her confidence.

I couldn’t sing. When I went to the studio to record, nothing came out. I cried.

— Lisa

Lisa did not explain what exactly made her feel that way, but it heavily affected her mindset. She thought about her fellow members and worried that she would delay the recording of their next comeback.

I felt like I was bringing the team down.

— Lisa

Thankfully, she was able to get better with the help of BLACKPINK’s main producer, Teddy. She credited him for coaxing her out of her shell. His tough love helped her bounce back from her lowest point.

Teddy pushed me hard: ‘You can’t? No. Try harder. Go back in there.’ Because of Teddy, I overcame that time.

— Lisa

Lisa also mentioned that Teddy is a mentor who helps the group do better as musicians. As Jennie added, the tension they felt whenever he pushed them to improve musically was “a good tension that BLACKPINK needs.”

Oppa directs all of BLACKPINK. He knows us incredibly well. He pushes us hard. ‘Again, again, again,’ he’d say.

— Lisa

Source: Rolling Stone


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