Netizens Believe BVLGARI Paid BLACKPINK’s Lisa ₩10 Billion KRW After Seeing Her Without The Iconic Bangs

The story behind BLINKs’ joke is hilarious!

When it comes to BLACKPINK‘s Lisa, she is known for many things, including her amazing rapping, flawless dancing, and dazzling visuals. Yet, one thing that will always be synonymous with the idol is her iconic bangs. Throughout the years, Lisa has always been seen with this iconic hairstyle.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa with her iconic bangs | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Although Lisa has had rare occasions without her bangs, BLINKs were in for the shock of their lives at the recent BVLGARI Eden The Garden of Wonders Event. Not only did Lisa wow with a beautifully bright yellow dress and dazzling BVLGARI emerald jewelry…

But netizens couldn’t get over the fact that Lisa’s short hairstyle had meant that she didn’t have the bangs everyone is used to seeing.

| @jc.babin/Instagram
| @jc.babin/Instagram

Of course, when the images were shared, netizens couldn’t get enough of Lisa’s hair. For many, it was the first time they’d seen the idol without her signature bangs.

Even though Lisa is rarely seen without her classic bangs, there is no denying that she looked absolutely amazing. Along with their reactions, both BLINKs and Korean media outlets couldn’t stop joking about the fact that BVLGARI must’ve paid Lisa at least 10 billion won.

The reason for this was all because of an episode of Knowing Bros that BLACKPINK appeared on several years ago. During the episode, the cast couldn’t stop gushing about Lisa’s iconic bangs, and the idol even revealed her tips when maintaining a finger as iconic as hers.

During the episode, Lisa explained that she’d had the bangs since she was in fourth grade. The cast of the show then asked if there was any way Lisa would ever get rid of them if it wasn’t working for a commercial. Without even hesitating, Lisa said, “No.”

Super Junior‘s Heechul then joked that they would give her 10 billion won to show her forehead. Adorably, after thinking it through, Lisa explained, “Of course, I’ll do it for 10 billion.

It was this clip that made everyone joke that BVLGARI must’ve paid her a lot to show her forehead, especially as she is as in love with them as netizens. Yet, it doesn’t mean BLINKs haven’t seen them before and she always looks beautiful, but it was a shock for newer fans.

Lisa without bangs | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

No matter whether Lisa has bangs or not, there is no denying that she stole the show. Hopefully, now she’s showcased her visuals without bangs, BLINKs can see them more often because she looks amazing.

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Source: Knowing Bros