A Cameraman Fell During BLACKPINK Lisa’s Solo Performance — The Idol Reacts In The Best Way She Can

She showcased her caring personality but also professionalism!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has gained attention for her reaction after a cameraman fell during the group’s recent show.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Since debuting, not only has Lisa shined on stage as a true all-rounder, but she has always been professional. In particular, the idol showcased this once again during the group’s BORN PINK show in Seoul.

During the final show that was streamed for BLINKs to watch online, netizens couldn’t hide their shock when, during Lisa’s solo stage, one of the cameramen fell during the performance.

Of course, although it was a serious moment, it wasn’t surprising when some netizens made puns about him “falling” for Lisa because of her unreal performance.

While some netizens joked that they weren’t surprised that Lisa had the cameraman “falling” for her, most recognized just how dangerous it was.

Although Lisa seemed to have huge professionalism throughout the stream, another clip showcased how the idol genuinely seemed concerned. In a clip shared by a fan, as soon as the cameraman fell, the look of shock and worry on Lisa’s face could be seen.

Of course, the idol must’ve seen that the cameraman was okay because she continued performing like a true professional as the camera panned back to her.

When the video was shared, netizens shared their reactions to the moment, particularly praising Lisa for her professionalism and sharing their concerns for the cameraman.




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