BLACKPINK’s Lisa Can’t Record A Song Until She Has These Three Things, And It’s Totally Relatable

#3 is so important!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has only one goal in mind before recording a song…getting comfy!

In a recent interview on Zach Sang Show, Lisa was asked if she follows a ritual before entering a recording studio.

Question. How do you prepare to go into a recording studio, like [do] you prepare or do you just show up? Like do you have a ritual? Do you have to wear a certain outfit? Do you get into a head space before you record something?

— Zach

Lisa revealed that she doesn’t need much. In terms of clothes, she just wears her sweatpants and slippers. No fancy or over the top outfit needed!

I just wear sweatpants and my slippers. That’s it.

— Lisa

With her clothes set, there’s only one more thing she requires—food. She always asks if she can order takeout before they start recording. After all, how can she work to her best ability if she has an empty stomach?

And [I] just show up like, ‘Hey, I’m hungry. I’m hungry. Can I, you know, order something?‘ And then I’ll go and record, only after I have good food before recording.

— Lisa

As long as Lisa has her sweatpants, slippers, and food, she’s ready to take on the world! Or at the very least, the recording studio.

| @CandyFriends/Twitter

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