BLACKPINK’s Lisa Shows Off Her 5 Cats And Has Adorable Photoshoots With Each Of Them

They’re the cutest family!

In a recently uploaded vlog, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa gave fans a peek into her adorable relationship with her five cats, Leo, Luca, Lily, Louis, and Lego. They each had a personal photoshoot with Lisa, and she excitedly talked about how two of them are actually biologically related!

Check out Lisa’s five beloved cats below!

1. Leo

As Lisa’s first cat, Leo went up first in the photoshoot. She gave him a huge kiss on the cheek, but hilariously, his eyes were wide open the entire time!

Ever the photogenic cat, he made sure to wink for the camera.

2. Luca

There’s a reason why Luca and Lily look extremely alike! As she placed them side by side, Lisa excitedly explained that Luca is Lily’s father.

They look alike, right? He is Lily’s father.

— Lisa

Luca’s photoshoot was fun and cute, with Lisa flashing poses left and right as he lay comfortable in her arms.

3. Lily

Lily, Luca’s daughter, didn’t escape Lisa’s affectionate poses, either! Lisa lifted her arms in the air one after the other.

4. Louis

Louis is the fourth cat of the bunch. He has pale, gray hair and fluffy fur. He was ever the obedient boy as he took pictures with Lisa!

5. Lego

Last but certainly not the least, Lego is the maknae of the family. He is so small, in fact, that Lisa was easily able to carry him with one hand.

Once it was time for his photoshoot, he couldn’t stop play biting Lisa’s finger—not that she minded, of course.

Lisa’s family is one of the cutest out there!

See them for yourself in the full video below.