BLACKPINK’s Lisa Helped Choreograph “LALISA”—Here’s What She Added To The Dance

It’s cool *and* meaningful!

The choreography for “LALISA” is undoubtedly a marvel, and that’s partly thanks to BLACKPINK‘s Lisa herself!

From the incredible throne pose in the song’s opening to Lisa’s swinging hips and sharp arm movements, the choreography for “LALISA” has fans mesmerized. Together, choreographers Kiel Tutin and Leejung Lee were responsible for coming up with the majority of the “LALISA” choreography—but what you may not know is that Lisa helped out too.

In an Instagram post last week, Kiel Tutin said there was “no doubt” that “the choreographic input of Ms. Lalisa” herself played a part in the final outcome of the song’s dance. Now, in her recent Apple Music video call fansign, Lisa confirms she really did add her own touch to the choreography.


Sadly, due to time restrictions during fansigns, Lisa didn’t have enough time to reveal every move she contributed to the final dance. However, she was able to show off one key part she came up with herself.

| @jenddukie_S2/Twitter

In the second half of “LALISA,” the song transitions into a powerful instrumental influenced by Thai music. Talking to press last week, Lisa explained that she specifically asked producer Teddy to bring traditional Thai sounds into the song as a tribute to the place she was born and raised.


Now, she reveals she requested Thai dance moves in the song too. Talking to her fan during the video call, Lisa explained that there was originally a move in the song that involved a flat hand gesture.

| @jenddukie_S2/Twitter 

However, Lisa decided to replace it with a Thai-inspired hand gesture of her own!

| @jendduki_S2/Twitter

Alongside being a true display of how proud Lisa is to be Thai, her added move also shows just how well she understands performance and choreography. Fans hope that one day, Lisa will get the opportunity to choreograph a whole solo single.