BLACKPINK’s Lisa Is Driving Locals Wild With Her Comeback Visuals

Non-fans are just as whipped for Lisa as BLINKs are. Here are the receipts to prove it!

On June 16, BLACKPINK dropped their third set of teaser images for their comeback pre-release single, “How You Like That”. When locals (aka the general public) saw Lisa‘s new look they needed to know her name. Here are the receipts!

1. Lisa’s latest nickname: “Lip Piercing Gal”

2. Step on me. Any time.

3. They need to know!

4. Miss Bangs

5. Lisa’s too nice to do that, but…

6. This confession

7. She’s gangsta? BLINKs been knew.


9. Her bangs have locals feeling some kind of way

10. Ponytail Rapper is Red-Haired Girl who is also Lip Piercing Girl

11. Same.

12. Ready for battle

13. Slaying them bishes since 1997

14. Stanning at first sight