Reports Claim Overseas Companies Are Willing To Pay Millions For BLACKPINK’s Lisa, And It’s Seen YG Entertainment’s Stocks Plummet

Yet, some netizens aren’t opposed to Lisa’s possible move from YG!

Since debuting in 2016, the members of BLACKPINK have taken over the world and helped spread K-Pop globally. Along with their talent and visuals, it’s the bond between the members, and it seems like they are destined to be together forever.

Members of BLACKPINK | @sbskpop/Twitter

It was earlier reported that BLACKPINK’s contracts with YG Entertainment are due to expire in 2023.

Well, it seems like the plans for BLACKPINK’s renewal might not be as straightforward as expected, according to industry insiders, and it’s because of member Lisa.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Since debuting, Lisa has always gained attention for being a true all-rounder, with her vocals, rapping, and of course, her unreal dancing abilities.


In a new article, it was reported that Lisa is gaining interest from many companies outside Korea, especially in South East Asian countries like China. In particular, one insider revealed that there is even talk of companies being willing to offer ₩100 billion KRW (about $81.2 million USD) for the idol.

From what I understand, [agencies] in countries like China expressed their desire to offer guarantees around ₩100 billion KRW (about $81.2 million USD) won to Lisa, who has complete influence in not only her home country of Thailand but the Southeast Asian market. When you take into consideration the scale of the Korean market, it’ll be hard for [Korean agencies] to handle that kind of offer.

— Nate Entertainment

The article talking about the renewal | Nate Entertainment

When the news was released, it definitely shocked netizens. Although it is just from an insider, and neither Lisa nor YG Entertainment has made hints about the idol leaving, it showcases Lisa’s huge influence in global markets.

In particular, one netizen noticed that after the news was released by Korean outlets, YG Entertainment saw its stocks drop.

While it could be normal for stocks in a company to fluctuate, especially as the end of the trading day arrives, it seems impossible not to notice the huge dip within the first few hours of the article being posted.

The article was posted at 10:43 AM (KST)…

The time the article was published (KST time)

and it is seemingly around the same time as the stocks started to drop. Also, while the Korean Stock Exchange opens at 9 AM, it doesn’t shut until 3:30 PM, showing that the dip came long before it closed for the day.

| Google

Yet, along with the stock prices falling, some fans have raised their desire for Lisa to leave YG Entertainment. In particular, upon the news of the high demand for the idol, netizens shared the mistreatment of Lisa since her debut.

While it isn’t clear what the future of BLACKPINK will be with YG Entertainment, it isn’t surprising that the members are truly in high demand. BLINKs have always shared their concerns about YG’s treatment of the group, including the lack of comebacks, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

Source: Nate Entertainment


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