BLACKPINK’s Lisa Recalls Her Worst Leg Injury And Shows Compassion For An Injured “Youth With You 3” Trainee

Her injury couldn’t have happened at a worse time.

In a recent episode of Youth With You, dance mentor Lisa showed compassion for an injured trainee and opened up about a serious leg injury that she got during the worst time possible—BLACKPINK‘s world tour.

While mentoring one of the groups, Lisa noticed that trainee G.G Zhang Siyuan was struggling to follow the choreography.

She asked him what happened to his leg, and he revealed that he was suffering from a knee injury. He expressed worry over being able to successfully perform the show’s theme song.

I hurt my leg one week ago. I have a knee effusion and meniscus injury. I finished the last stage with my injury, but there’s the theme song now. I really want to work hard to finish the theme song, but because of this injury, I’m really afraid that I will lose even the chance to work hard.

— Zhang Siyuan

Upon hearing his words, Lisa empathized with him and decided to share her own experience with having a serious leg injury.

I also feel sorry for you. I want to tell him about my past experience on this. I also hurt hurt my leg once. I sprained my ankle or something like that when dancing.

— Lisa

Her leg hurt so much, in fact, that she even struggled to fall asleep. Unfortunately, the injury occurred when BLACKPINK was holding their world tour. In spite of the intense pain, she resolved to give her best for every performance.

I can’t really remember, but it really hurt. I couldn’t even fall asleep because of it. But my world tour couldn’t stop after that. I still had to make every performance perfect and do my best.

— Lisa

Lisa’s advice to G.G Zhang Siyuan was to focus on his singing or hand gestures if he is still unable to dance properly on the day itself.

If you really can’t do the dance on the day of the recording, you can pay attention to your singing or hand gestures.

— Lisa

Lisa assured him that everyone will be understanding, so there is no need for him to feel anxious. “I don’t want you to feel anxious. Everyone will understand.

Watch the touching moment in the full clip below.


Source: iQIYI 爱奇艺