“A Real Hot Girl”—BLACKPINK’s Lisa Exudes Sexiness In “Crazy Horse” After Party Footage

Sexy is her middle name.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa just concluded her run at the Crazy Horse Paris show!

From September 28 to September 30, the “LALISA” singer brought her sexy dance skills to the renowned cabaret show.

BLACKPINK;s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Though only a select few were able to score tickets, a significant amount of worldwide attention was directed towards the show. Lisa’s Crazy Horse run was a resounding success, and the crew rightfully celebrated after the show.

The Crazy Horse family, Lisa included as their star guest, partied it out following their success.

Fan-released footage showcased Lisa dancing surrounded by people whom BLINKs identified as her team from CELINE. As a brand ambassador, she likely worked with them numerous times over the years.

Fans took to Twitter to praise Lisa on her incredible visuals, saying that she was “so hot” the entire night.

With the sensual way she moved her body to the music, their words were spot on!

At the end of the day, they were most proud of the BLACKPINK singer for going out of her comfort zone and successfully completing her Crazy Horse shows.

Read more about the famous Paris cabaret below.

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