Creative Director Lisa Strikes Again As She Reveals That She’s The Genius Behind Her Iconic Part In BLACKPINK’s “Shut Down”

Lisa is a multitalented queen.

In the behind-the-scenes video for BLACKPINK‘s “Shut Down,” Lisa flexed her creative genius and revealed that she was the mastermind behind her iconic scene in “Shut Down.”

The most replayed part of “Shut Down” is the intro, where Lisa is dancing in the pouring rain.

It’s also the set where she filmed most of her rap in the second verse, exuding fierce and unmatchable charisma.

As BLINKs know, this scene is an allusion to her scenes in “Playing With Fire,” where she stands on a dock over water and then sets the place ablaze.


Her scene is an ode to the past, but it’s also commemorating her growth over the years. While past Lisa was a wildfire, the current Lisa is a tsunami, and her power only continues to grow. And this poetic creativity is all a result of Lisa’s genius, as she’s the one who came up with the idea to switch from fire to water.

I told them I wanted to do it with water instead of fire.

— Lisa


This isn’t the first time Lisa’s flexed her creativity in design. For her solo debut, Lisa was attributed as the Creative Director for all aspects of it, meaning that the beautiful sets, outfits, and album design originated from her ideas.

Her creativity isn’t limited to music or film; Lisa designed her own collection with MAC, and even the smallest details were decided with deep and careful thought.

Creative Director Lisa never fails to serve, and we can’t wait to see what other projects she has in store.