“This Shouts Freedom!” BLACKPINK Lisa’s Departure To Paris For Her Upcoming Performances Gains Attention

Considering the rumors on her YG contract, all her actions are sparking debate!

BLACKPINK Lisa‘s recent departure from Incheon Airport has become a hot topic amongst BLINKs.

At the end of the month, Lisa is set to make history as the first K-Pop idol to perform at the prestigious Crazy Horse Paris cabaret venue.

On September 24, Lisa arrived at Incheon Airport to head to Paris for her historical performances.

While the departure wasn’t expected, the media was still there and caught some photos of the idol for fans.

When the videos and clips were posted, one netizen immediately found Lisa’s arrival at the airport odd. Along with the fact the media posted the footage and photos later, others couldn’t believe that the idol had gone without any staff or security and that her manager, Wonjae, hadn’t traveled with her.

When the tweet was shared, it immediately gained attention from other BLINKs who found it odd, and compared it to the other members’ recent schedules.

In particular, amidst contract discussions with YG Entertainment, it wasn’t surprising that the seemingly “small details” had fans wondering.

Even when arriving in Paris, netizens noticed that Lisa was alone with only a few security guards who didn’t seem to have any affiliation with YG Entertainment.

It’s not surprising that most fans are interested to see if this means anything, but others hope things are sorted soon because it could be dangerous for Lisa to carry on doing overseas and internal schedules without proper staff.

Source: Newsen