DJ Snake Drops A Snippet Of New Collab Song With BLACKPINK’s Lisa

Could this be part of Lisa’s solo debut?!

Is the DJ Snake and BLACKPINK Lisa collab really happening?! In a new Instagram story update, the renowned producer shared an audio snippet of the song they’re working on together.

Over the past few years, DJ Snake has built up something of a reputation among BLINKs. He first teased the idea of a collaboration with BLACKPINK on his Instagram all the way back in May 2019. When a fan asked him, “Will you make a song with BLACKPINK?” in his comments, DJ Snake replied, “Yes.” The response came just a month after he was pictured with BLACKPINK at one of their In Your Area concerts.

| @djsnake/Twitter

Later that year, when fans were wondering why BLACKPINK never featured on his album, Carte Blanche, DJ Snake told a follower on Instagram, “Schedule didn’t work for this album.” Then, in January 2020, he told a BLINK on Twitter that he’d “already made something” with BLACKPINK but “never finished it.”

| @djsnake/Instagram

As such, when he teased a new collaboration with BLACKPINK’s Lisa earlier this month, many BLINKs weren’t sure whether to believe him this time. In a series of now-deleted tweets, DJ Snake responded, “Yes,” to a fan asking if he’d collaborate with Lisa, later adding that the “song is done.”

| @LSMFRANCE/Twitter

However, while fans remained skeptical at the time, it seems like the collab really is coming! In a recent Instagram story, DJ Snake actually shared a snippet of the song the pair are working on. Tagged with Lisa and BLACKPINK’s official Instagram accounts, the four-second clip plays vocals—presumably from Lisa—against a video of an audio workstation with two sound tracks: “LISA_CHO DB” and “Guide HARM.”

| @djsnake/Instagram

“Guide HARM” likely refers to a guide (demo) version of the harmony, intended to stand in for the singer’s vocals until they’re recorded. “LISA_CHO DB,” however, has fans abuzz with theories. In music, “CHO” is usually a shortened version of “chorus,” indicating that this could be Lisa singing a line of the song’s chorus. However, Cho DB (or Cho Di.B) is also (G)I-DLE Miyeon‘s rapper nickname.

As such, some fans are wondering whether Miyeon could also be included on the track. Lisa and Miyeon trained together at YG Entertainment for several years, and the two were recently selected as guest stars for performances on Mnet‘s Kingdom.

| Mnet

That said, DJ Snake hasn’t mentioned Miyeon at all thus far while talking about the collaboration, so it’s possible that the track name may just be coincidence. In the clip, a presumable Lisa can be heard singing, “Play, play all night with you.” Within less than an hour, the lyric and “DJ Snake” reached Twitter’s worldwide trends list. Listen on for a snippet.

Across social media, fans of BLACKPINK’s Lisa are very excited for the possible upcoming song. Lisa’s solo debut is set to be released in the coming months, but it’s unclear whether this song will be part of her mini album or whether it will be released by DJ Snake and his team.