BLACKPINK’s Lisa Makes Generous Donation To Flood Victims In Thailand

She expected nothing in return, not even media attention.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has just made a generous donation to the flood victims of Ubon Ratchathani in Thailand.

She reportedly gave ฿100,000 baht ($3,269.04 USD) to the victims. What makes this donation even more notable was that she did so anonymously, expecting no media attention around it.

Lisa hopes that this can be even a bit of help towards aiding those suffering because of the flood.

– Representative of Lisa

Ubon Ratchathani flooding worst in 17 years | The Thaiger

Current flooding in Ubon Ratchathani, north-east Thailand, has been declared the worst it has experienced in 17 years, affecting more than 400,000 households in 7,000 villages.