BLACKPINK’s Lisa Describes Her Dream Home—And It’s Simpler Than You May Expect

Lisa: humble and sweet!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is successful enough that she can make any dream home of hers into a reality. In an interview with AskAnythingChat, she discussed this after being asked if she preferred to set up her future house by an ocean, mountain, or lake.

One of them was immediately crossed out of the list. Because she does not find it fun to go up and down terrain, a mountain house was not an option.

I’m not a big fan of hiking so not the mountains.

— Lisa

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

On the other hand, she loved the idea of living by the water. Just having it close by would make it her haven amid her busy lifestyle.

I’ll choose the lake or the ocean. I love being near the water and I feel very relaxed when I see it. So if I could build a house, it would be by the ocean or the lake.

— Lisa

Lake House | Danny Giebe/Unsplash

She also delved deeper into what exactly would make this house special. It wasn’t the furniture or amenities nearby, but the view.

I think I’ll feel recharged just by staying at home.

— Lisa

Another aspect of her dream home was just as simple but meaningful—it would be more than enough for Lisa if her friends could visit and relax there as well.

If my friends say, like, ‘I want to go over to Lisa’s house!’ then I’ll show them one spot which shows the sea view or lake view.

— Lisa

She said that it would be “very special” if her loved ones could enjoy her future home with her.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Check out the full video below.

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