BLACKPINK’s Lisa Reveals Which Season She Struggles Dealing With The Most

Lisa’s reason is very understandable.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa appears to always be thriving and shining bright throughout everything she does. While it seems like she’s always at her A-game, Lisa shared she struggles a lot during the colder season.


During her recent interview with Complex, Lisa was asked a series of fun questions and one asked her, “What is the goat season?” Lisa gasped and answered, “Summer.”

Lisa’s reason for loving summer so much is because she was born in the summer and how she hates the cold. Because of her hatred for cold weather, Lisa shared she doesn’t love the colder seasons.

I don’t like the cold. I was born in the summer, I get cold really easily.

— Lisa

Although one may argue that summer is too hot, Lisa clarified while it may be hot, she can handle it. On the other hand, Lisa explained that even when she wears lots of layers in the cold she’s still can’t get warm enough. Furthermore, Lisa suggested that maybe the reason she can stand the heat is that she’s Thai.

Even if I layer my clothes, I still can’t stand the cold. But I can stand the heat even when I get hot. I think I’m used to it because I am Thai.

— Lisa

Check out the video below: