BLACKPINK’s Lisa Reveals Her Favorite Scene From The “LALISA” Video, And It Is Certified Badass

Nobody can disagree with her pick!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa recently released the video for her debut solo single “LALISA,” and it is a certified bop. From the song, video, and visuals, it is no surprise that fans worldwide just can’t get enough of the track.

Yet, despite the whole video being completely badass, there has to be one scene that sticks out in fan’s minds as being the most memorable, although it would be difficult to choose. Yet, it would probably be even hard for Lisa herself!

After the release of her song, Lisa did an interview with Melon where she answered different questions from fans about her new song and album.

One of the questions was, “Which part of the music video did you enjoy the most? The most memorable one?”

With so many bright and sassy scenes, it would seem impossible to just pick one, but Lisa went and picked the scene in the bar where she looked like the ultimate badass dancing on a pole!

Despite looking effortless, Lisa revealed that she is a true dancing professional by doing it with not as much practice and being thrown in the deep end, which rightly made her nervous.

I shot the scene after learning the dance only for a short time. I was nervous and even sweating during the shooting.

— Lisa

Yet, as expected, that nerves just seemed to be adrenaline for Lisa and, despite all the apprehension, it looked amazing in the end, and she was happy with the results.

But I’m pretty satisfied with the result. So, I would say that scene is the most memorable one!

— Lisa

It isn’t the first time Lisa spoke about this scene, and she even gave fans some spoilers before the track was released, during her Countdown broadcast. Although she didn’t want to give too many spoilers, she showed a picture of the set and mentioned she had a new talent.

I got 5-6 lessons before filming. I was so nervous before filming. It’s something I’m doing for the first time. So, I monitored it, and I think it’s good. I like it.

— Lisa

Also, once the video was released, fans couldn’t get enough of the scene and went on social media to share their excitement at seeing Lisa look effortlessly sassy and cool.

With Lisa loving this new talent as much as fans, hopefully, BLINKs will be able to see more of Lisa in this environment because she looks so good! You can watch the whole music video below!

Source: Melon