BLACKPINK’s Lisa Describes The First Time She Met Each Of Her Members

“I remember and I was like, ‘Wow, she’s…'”

The members of BLACKPINK are all extremely close and while they’ve come a long way together, Lisa remembers the exact moment she met each of her members.

| YG Entertainment

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Lisa sat down to describe the first meeting between her and each of her members. Lisa first shared the order she met the members in, “I met Jennie first, and then after that, I met Jisoo and Rosé.”

Lisa then described her first meeting with Jennie. It seems like Jennie made a memorable impression on Lisa as she was the only one to greet her in English at the time.

I remember Jennie, she was the only one who like, said hi to me in English because other people can’t talk in English. We were super close.

— Jennie

For Jisoo, Lisa shared a cool fact! According to Lisa, she remembers Jisoo wearing a red hoodie at their first meeting and it was something she would wear at many of their future practices.

Jisoo unnie I remember that when I first saw her she wore like a red hoodie. She always wore that. Seriously every day she wore that to practice.

— Lisa

Rosé seemed quite fascinating to Lisa as she shared she was wowed by the idea that Rosé came from Australia! Because the two are the same age, Lisa also found that cool!

For Rosé, she had a guitar with her. I remember and I was like, ‘Wow, she’s from Australia.’ She’s the same age as me, which was really cool to have a new friend come in.

— Lisa

Check out the clip below: