BLACKPINK’s Lisa Gets Real About What Makes Her Grueling Schedule All Worth It

She’s as busy as can be.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa recently sat down for an interview with Harper’s BAZAAR where she talked about her fashion style, music, and more. One of the deeper topics she touched on was her private life, making it known that she is just a normal girl behind her popstar persona.

The public is mostly used to seeing her in the middle of her grueling schedule filled with modelling gigs, brand photoshoots, music practice, and a full blown world tour.

Given this packed lifestyle, it is easy to wonder what keeps her going most. She touched on this very topic when the magazine asked, “What is the most fulfilling thing about what you do?”

Lisa replied with a lengthy, meaningful paragraph dedicated to her fans, BLINKs. After finishing several sold-out concerts abroad, she realized that the fatigue is worth it because of the time she spends on stage before them.

I just came back from our North American and European tour. As always, performing onstage gives me the greatest sense of accomplishment. Despite the number of shows I’ve done, every performance is equally valuable.

— Lisa

She believes that it is her duty to give a worthwhile performance to the fans who come to see them. Thus, now matter how tired she is, she does her absolute best to make sure they “feel happy watching” them.

As I go on tour from city to city, I look forward to performing for BLINKs there, and I feel a sense of responsibility to give them the best memories. I hope our fans have a good time and feel happy watching us perform since that energy affects me as well.

— Lisa

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

She always gives her full effort on stage as a result. Fans, in return, recognize her effort and praise her profusely online.

It motivates me to become a better artist so that I can always present excellence to them.

— Lisa

She concluded that all the hardships she faces are worth it because of the joy she receives while performing—especially performing in front of BLINKs.

I am the happiest and most confident when I am onstage.

— Lisa

Read more excerpts from her Harper’s BAZAAR interview below!

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Source: Harper's BAZAAR


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