BLACKPINK’s Lisa Received A Gift From Sorn And (G)I-DLE’s Minnie, And It’s Priceless For These Iconic Reasons

Lisa had the best reaction to the gift inspired by their home in Thailand!

Although netizens like to think idols are always battling for supremacy, in reality, they’re all really good friends. One of the most iconic friendship groups is BLACKPINK‘s Lisa, Sorn, and (G)I-DLE‘s Minnie, all of whom were born and raised in Thailand.

(left to right) (G)I-DLE’s Minnie, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, and Sorn

Sorn and Minnie recently attended BLACKPINK’s Seoul concert. In a video uploaded to Minnie’s Instagram, she and Sorn excitedly held a long necklace made of cash and proceeded to drape it over Lisa’s neck.

The gift they gave to Lisa | @min.nicha/Instagram

Recently, Sorn has taken fans behind the scenes of the gift after releasing a video with how she made it… but also Lisa’s reaction!

During the video, Sorn started by introducing the contents of the video, explaining that she was going to attend the BLACKPINK BORN PINK concert in Seoul. In particular, she explained that Lisa had personally asked her to come.

My friend Lisa told me that it would be really meaningful for her if all of the friends can come and show support.

— Sorn

Sorn then explained that she’d actually started filming because she wanted to make a gift for Lisa to give her after the show, and it was extremely meaningful as it’s something done often in Thailand.

I wanted to give her something that would really make her smile, so I suggested to Minnie that we do this thing, it’s called a puang ma lai bank, it’s like a bouquet when you go to Hawaii and they put this bouquet on top of you as a welcome thing.

— Sorn

So, she took fans along to the store to pick up some of the items she needed for the gift and started showing fans the process of creating a personal gift for Lisa.

In the end, after what seemed like so much love and effort, Sorn finally finished the beautiful gift. Considering Lisa’s debut solo track was called “MONEY,” it was truly a fitting gift for one of the princesses of K-Pop.

After watching the concert, Sorn made sure to film Lisa’s reaction to receiving the gift from herself and Minnie. As soon as the two idols took it out, Lisa immediately went to the floor and couldn’t hide her laughter as she realized what it was.

As the two and some of Lisa’s family help put the gift on, Lisa couldn’t hide her excitement. Earlier in the video, Sorn explained it was a common gift for country singers given by fans, and Lisa revealed that she truly felt like one after being given the gift.

Taking pictures with the gift, Lisa still seemed in shock…

Until she was even more surprised when they revealed that it was real money on the wreath.

Of course, with a song like “MONEY” and such iconic and talented friends, Lisa shouldn’t have expected anything but the real deal. After being friends for so long, the three idols have proved that not even fame and busy schedules can stop them from being together. Not only was the gift expensive because of the money, but the time and effort that went into it.

You can read more about their friendship below.

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Source: SORN