Group Versus Solo: BLACKPINK’s Lisa Notes The Difference Between Performing With Her Members And Alone

Each experience is unique.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa recently allowed fans to see her dance practices for “LALISA” and “MONEY.” She performed with a set of dancers inside a YG Entertainment practice room and showed just how good she is!


She worked hard to perfect both choreographies within a limited period of time. The first practice shown in the video was in July, two months before her album dropped.

After Jennie and Rosé, Lisa became the third in the group to make her solo debut. When asked if there was a difference between group activities and individual ones, she didn’t hesitate to say that there were some big ones.

Since I’m a soloist now, I’ve now become the center. I think there are times where I have to practice with a bit more tension.

— Lisa

Unlike when there were four members performing, Lisa now had to fill up the stage by herself. Singing, dancing, rapping, and being the focus of the camera all fell on her alone.

As seen in the behind the scenes video, she thankfully has several backup dancers and friends to share the burden with.

Lisa has been performing solo since her first album, LALISA, dropped on September 10. It came with two songs, “LALISA,” her title track, and “MONEY.”

Check out her full “LILI’s World” video below!

Source: YouTube