BLACKPINK’s Lisa Didn’t Hesitate To Pull The “I’m A Foreigner” Card The Second She Lost A Korean Game

But she originally loved being praised for her Korean.

BLACKPINK released their “2020 BLACKPINK’s Summer Diary In Seoul” on August 31. In this video, the girls visited a traditional Korean house and played a variety of games together.

When Lisa took the scroll of instructions from the director in the beginning of the show, she impressed her members with her precise diction and a Korean accent that could fit perfectly in historical dramas.

Jennie was so impressed, she exclaimed, “I thought you were a foreigner?” while the captions aptly wrote “Korean-Foreigner” about Lisa’s abilities.

Though she was proud to receive praise for her language skills, the maknae threw all this away the second being “native” didn’t suit her needs! This happened in the first game the girls played, “flick the bottle cap”. The cap that landed farthest on the table without falling off it was the winner.

Rosé came in first…

Jennie came in second…

Jisoo came in third…

…and Lisa was last place.

As soon as the bottle cap landed far behind the rest, she began making excuses that she didn’t know the game because she was not Korean.

I’ve never played this before! I’ve never played this game before.

— Lisa

Though the other girls insisted that it was also their first time to play it, Lisa kept giving excuses.

This was a Korean game. It’s a traditional Korean game. No?

— Lisa

Unfortunately for her, the director shot down the maknae‘s words with simple logic: “Bottle caps are found all over the world.” Since they are also available in Thailand, Lisa’s home country, she would theoretically also have access to the game. Her position as last place was meant to be!

Though BLACKPINK’s “Korean-Foreigner”, Lisa, isn’t the best at flicking bottle caps, she at least has their language perfected!