BLACKPINK’s Lisa Tears Up After Reading Jisoo’s Letter on “Real Men 300” 

Jisoo’s letter will bring you to tears too!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa was touched by the handwritten letter sent by fellow member Jisoo as she continues to train in the military for Real Men 300. 


During the episode, Lisa and the other contestants went to the military school so they can train and join the Korean national army selection. However, Lisa was one of the few trainees to be excluded from training due to injuries and received consultation. 


Lisa, who was already upset on missing the training, was tearful when she received a letter written by BLACKPINK’s Jisoo. 


In the letter, Jisoo consoled Lisa as she encouraged her to continue giving strength to everyone around her, just as she does for her BLACKPINK members.

“Lisa, even though it’s hot and exhausting, please always be like how you are with us and be a vitamin, giving strength and love to many people.  

My little one, always be bright and energetic. Hurry up soon so we can go get something to eat (I’m paying). You can drink tons of soda too. I love you. I hope you come back with a smile and a bright face.”

— Jisoo


As soon as Lisa opened the letter, she burst into tears from the overwhelming love.


When asked why she cried as soon as she opened the letter, Lisa explained that she was touched by the Polaroid photo taken from her trip with Jisoo in Jeju Island. 


The love of sisterhood between BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Jisoo can’t ever be put into words!

Source: OSEN