BLACKPINK’s Lisa Chooses Her Favorite Version Of The “LALISA” Album—Here’s Why She Loves It

They’re ALL so cute though!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa recently unboxed her debut album, LALISA, and shared several details about it. There are three versions that are currently available: the gold, black, and kit versions. According to Lisa, the LP or vinyl will still be released in December.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and the gold, black, and kit version of LALISA | BLACKPINK/YouTube

The LP version of LALISA | YG Entertainment

She explained that she “used black and gold materials to create a simple yet elegant vibe for the portrayal of ‘LALISA’ as a brand.” The gold version was regal…

…and the black one was cool.

But her favorite album of them all was the smallest version! She explained that she loves it because it’s just “so cute. It looks like a little toy.”

I liked all of them but this one is the best. It’s so cute and small. I think I could even carry it around in my bag.

— Lisa

The kit version of LALISA is unique for its compact size. Lisa unveiled its limited—but high quality—contents. These included a grip toy, a polaroid, a lyrics sheet, and a photocard set.

It also had an air kit to replace the usual CDs inside K-Pop albums. Though she wasn’t aware of what it was initially, Lisa quickly realized just how important it was for the album.

I didn’t know what it was at first but it was so cute, I asked what it was. Apparently you can hear [music] if you connect it to your phone. You can listen to ‘MONEY’ and ‘LALISA.’

— Lisa

The kit version retails for $20.92 USD in the YG Select online store.

| YG Select

Now we want to grab it as well!


Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube and YG Select