BLACKPINK Lisa’s “LALISA” Originally Had A Very Different Ending

Here’s what it was.

Love the ending of BLACKPINK Lisa‘s song “LALISA” where she goes, “The loudest in the room“? According to the singer herself, the song originally had a very different ending!

In a recent behind the scenes video, Lisa revealed that it was supposed to conclude at the part where she shouts her name, “LALISA.”

The song was originally only up to ‘LALISA’ here.

— Lisa

She realized, however, that it wasn’t impactful enough. Instead, she suggested that they repeat the hook of the song, and she loved the outcome!

But I thought that if the hook came out one more time, it would be more exciting and good.

— Lisa

Unfortunately, the change wasn’t without its consequences. The additional hook means that the song is a little bit longer…

…and Lisa feels more exhausted than she would be if the song wrapped up with her singing “LALISA.

Doing the stage makes me feel really fatigued, so I have to control my strength really well. Days like today, I keep shooting, right?

— Lisa

Do you think Lisa made the right call?

Watch the full video below!

Source: YouTube