BLACKPINK Shows Their Support For Lisa By Visiting Her “LALISA” MV Shooting, And Their Friendship Is Everything

They had fun on set!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa may have just made her solo debut, but she’ll forever be a beloved member of BLACKPINK!


The making of the music video for “LALISA,” her title track, showed just how real BLACKPINK’s friendship is. Right after the director hit “cut” in one of the dance scenes, she was surprised by her fellow members who visited her on set!

Rosé and Jisoo came walking in, bringing a balloon with them. Jisoo revealed that it was Jennie who prepared the cute gift just for Lisa.

Jendeukie [Jennie] made this for you!

— Jisoo

Even if she couldn’t be there in person until later that day, Jennie made sure to send her heartfelt support. The balloon had the phrase “La la lalisa” on it which is likely an ode to Lisa’s Instagram username and the lyrics of her song.

Jennie’s gift to Lisa | BLACKPINK/YouTube

The members were seen hanging out comfortably with Lisa. They kept her company while she waited for the go signal to begin shooting…

…they danced and talked to others on set…

…and they even provided Lisa with a drinks and snacks food truck. Jisoo made sure to document her friend enjoying the goodies in between takes.

Lisa expressed her gratitude towards them, talking about the pressure she felt by doing everything solo but being thankful that she was not truly alone.

Preparing the album without the members made me worry a lot, but the members came in between to support me so it really cheered me up and I could work harder.

— Lisa

This isn’t the first time BLACKPINK showed their support for Lisa and Lalisa. They often shared her teaser posts on their Instagram Stories and sent gifts down her way.

Rosé’s gift to Lisa | lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Watch the full video below.

Source: YouTube


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