DFSB Kollective’s President Bernie Cho Explains Why BLACKPINK Lisa’s Legendary Win At The 2022 VMAs Shouldn’t Come As A Surprise

Despite being at the top, Lisa’s somehow still climbing higher.

As the first soloist and first female artist to win the Best K-Pop category at MTV VMAs 2022, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is cementing her legacy in the music world.

In a segment with Arirang NewsBernie Cho, the President of DFSB Kollective (an agency that specializes in providing digital media, marketing, and distribution solutions to hundreds of K-Pop artists) and someone who used to work at MTV, broke down the reason behind BLACKPINK and Lisa’s success at the VMAs.

Arirang News/YouTube

For their award in the “Best Metaverse Performance,” Cho shared that what was most impressive about their win was that the performance for the category, “BLACKPINK The Virtual,” had only occurred right as voting for the VMAs started, so to win in such a short time spoke volumes about BLACKPINK’s power.

For the second part of the question concerning Lisa’s win as a soloist, Cho stated that her victory shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering how talented and beloved she is across the world.

And then the second question related to Lisa winning the best K-Pop category actually really shouldn’t come as a surprise.

— Bernie Cho

Lisa is the most followed K-Pop idol on Instagram, bigger than any individual or group account. With 81.5 million followers, even if all of her followers voted just a few times (since the winners of most of the categories for the VMAs are determined by popular voting), Lisa’s victory would be guaranteed. So imagine how many votes she accumulated over several weeks!

Cho also reminds everyone that while Lisa is a part of the biggest girl group of the century, she’s also a hugely successful solo artist. Lisa has broken so many records with her debut “LALISA” and special track “MONEY,” so at least to those within the music industry, her win for “Best K-Pop” made perfect sense.

Lisa’s charisma and talent are unrivaled, and her win at the VMAs is only further proof of how loved and appreciated she is as an artist. But what truly moves everyone’s hearts is her sweet and humble personality that doesn’t change no matter how long she rules at the top. Lisa deserves all the love and recognition from the world, and the universe is making sure she receives as much love as possible.