All The Details On BLACKPINK Lisa’s Limited Edition Bulgari Watch

One of the sizes is already sold out.

As Bulgari‘s brand ambassador, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa teamed up with them to design the limited edition Bulgari Bulgari x Lisa watch and released it on January 14.

Lisa | @Bulgariofficial/Twitter

While Bulgari has watches priced as high as $73,500 USD on their website, Lisa’s watch is in a range that’s much more affordable. The 23mm size is $5,900 USD; the 33mm size is $6,750 USD. Lisa proved her influence by selling out the 23mm in less than twelve hours.

| Bulgari

Tying into the watch’s name, the 18-karat rose gold bezel features a double logo of the brand. The face of the watch is a stunning gradient of colors decorated with diamonds.

| @Bulgariofficial/Twitter

Lisa and Bulgari also put care into the box the watch comes in. It’s an iridescent color decorated with Lisa’s favorite flower, edelweiss, imprinted in the corner.

| @Bulgariofficial/Twitter

Inside the box not only features the edelweiss flower once more, but it also showcases Lisa’s signature.

| @Bulgariofficial/Twitter

Making sure Lisa’s touches are visible on the watch, it also has the flower engraved on the back.

Since Lisa has already sold out the three hundred pieces of the 23mm watch, it won’t be long before fans also sell out the seven hundred pieces of the 33mm size. Congratulations to Lisa on a successful release.

Source: Bulgari and Bulgari


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