BLACKPINK’s Lisa Sends BLINKs Into Meltdown With The Reality Of Her Sexy AF Outfit In Recent “Shut Down” Concept Photo

Did YG save BLINKs from a meltdown with the accessories?

Although Korean society can be quite conservative, K-Pop idols are finding ways to break through the traditional views and showcase their individual style. BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is one of those idols and has recently been sending the internet into meltdown with her sexy looks.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalisa_m/Instagram

Over the past few years, Lisa has gained attention for her beautiful physique and for finding the perfect clothes to perfectly showcase her visuals but also her charming personality.

| @lalalisa_m/Instagram
| @lalalisa_m/Instagram

BLACKPINK is set to release their first album in over two years in a matter of days. Since the announcement, netizens have raised anticipation for Born Pink, and they can’t wait to see what the group is going to serve.

In particular, the concept photos and “Pink Venom” music video have given BLINKs a small snippet of what they might be able to expect.

“PINK VENOM” music video | BLACKPINK/YouTube
| BLACKPINK/YouTube   

With only days to go, BLACKPINK has been releasing their individual concept photos. Jisoo, Rosé, and Jennie were the first members, and they wowed with the visuals in the posters.

Concept photo for Jisoo | BLACKPINK/Twitter
Concept photo for Rose | BLACKPINK/Twitter
Concept photo for Jennie | BLACKPINK/Twitter

Lisa was the last member, and it was safe to say that the idol truly looked amazing in a look that combined casual and futuristic vibes but also made use of accessories to add extra layers.

Concept photo for Lisa | BLACKPINK/Twitter

Yet, many netizens quickly noticed the unconventional outfit Lisa wore. Although it was covered by a silver scarf, many noticed that the top itself was from Thai brand called PONY STONE. As always, Lisa is embracing her Thai heritage and ensuring she finds ways to do it in everything she does.

The top itself only costs $60, but the design is quite sexy as it seems to channel the trend of “visible underwear” by seemingly having a bra on show.


The back also showed another side to the look as it was completely bare, with only a strap around the waist and a halter neck style to keep it in place.


When BLINKs found out about the original design of the top, they couldn’t get enough of it. Many even joked that they were thankful for the scarf because it would’ve undoubtedly sent the internet into meltdown.

Yet, it isn’t the first time Lisa has sent the internet into meltdown with her looks in comeback teasers for the comeback.

When the poster for the title track “Shut Down” was released, netizens couldn’t get over the visuals of the members of BLACKPINK. Each looked amazing in a more casual and sports-themed look.

Lisa particularly gained attention for her sexy look. Like her recent look, Lisa embraced her Thai roots by wearing PONY STONE and served steaming hot visuals the entire time.

The chain from the $80 USD “MIA” shorts peaked out from the left side of her waist. She paired it with the lowness and asymmetrical cut of the $150 USD denim “Clydes” which were also eye-catching, and it rightly sent the internet into meltdown.

With only a few days left until the album is released, the BLACKPINK members will definitely continue to wow with their amazing looks. If the teasers have sent BLINKs into meltdown, it will be interesting to what other outfits they have for the promotions and in the album.

You can read more about Lisa’s eye-catching outfits below.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Drives Fans Wild With Her Sexier-Than-Expected Outfit In “Shut Down” Title Poster