Here Are All The Heartwarming Ways The BLACKPINK Members Supported Lisa While She Was Preparing For “LALISA”

They really are a family!

September 10 marked a day that many K-Pop fans have been waiting for, and it was the release of BLACKPINK Lisa‘s debut solo single “LALISA!” In the video, she absolutely slayed and, as always, showcased her talent, charisma in visuals in the best way possible!

Ahead of the release of the song, Lisa held a special live broadcast counting down to the moment the track was shared with the world.

Lisa explained how different it felt shooting and preparing for the album without the members, especially considering this is the first time she has released a song by herself. Even at the start of the broadcast, Lisa added how weird it felt doing the stream without the members.

Being as close as they are, Lisa shared that the members have been there for her during the whole process. Despite all their busy schedules, it seems as if each member took time to visit Lisa while filming her music video.

When I filmed the music video, the members came to support me. They stayed with me until the early morning.

— Lisa

In particular, she shared how each of the members personally took care of Lisa and helped her in preparing for the music video. As expected, it showcases just how close all of the members are!

I was contemplating about my outfits, and Jennie was helping me. Rosé stayed by me, and Jisoo bought delicious snacks. It was very reassuring.

— Lisa

Later on in the broadcast, she shared more touching ways in which the members supported her during this process.

They’re always cheering me on and calling me. They’ll come to my house and ask if I was okay with everything. And, on the music video set, since I’m alone, I didn’t know how I was feeling. But when the members came, they were such a huge help. Just being by my side is a huge strength.

— Lisa

In particular, Lisa shared a story about a time when she was having a particularly difficult day, and the members came and managed to help her!

They brought so much good food, and Rosé bought some meaningful flowers. Jennie also bought balloons with ‘LALALISA’ written on them. That was the most fun.

— Lisa

Even though the members are doing their own solo things, it is always amazing for BLINKs to see how supportive they are of each other. It proves that they are a real family and that their bond is as strong as ever!

Make sure to watch the whole video below.

Source: BLACKPINK and BLACK YouTube