“She’s Serious And Sexy” BLACKPINK’s Lisa Is Going Viral For Her Role And Behaviour As A Mentor To BABYMONSTER

She was stern and strict but also caring and comforting!

When it comes to one of the best female dancers in K-Pop, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is always on the list.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagran

Since debuting, Lisa has wowed with her fluidity and creativity when dancing. She also isn’t afraid to share her years of training and experience to help future idols succeed.

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Ahead of their evaluation, YG Entertainment‘s newest trainees for the group BABYMONSTER have been training and performing in front of some of the best, including members of BLACKPINK. In the latest video, it was the final time to train before the evaluation.

The playlist of the group’s evaluation | BABYMONSTER/YouTube

They also lucky enough to get a masterclass from Lisa!

Before seeing the members, Lisa even shared her worries about being too harsh with the group. Of course, any advice from someone like Lisa would be useful, so she was reassured that the trainees would love all the advice she gave.

Unsurprisingly, when Lisa entered the training room, the trainees’ eyes lit up as the BLACKPINK member showcased her bubbly personality.

Yet, as the performance started, Lisa switched to “Game Mode” and looked seriously as she watched every movement from all the members with a keen eye.

When the performance ended, while Lisa explained that they were good, she honestly admitted that they didn’t have the body strength or control over their movements.

She was even giving advice when it came to the choreography. As someone who has been on stage, Lisa knows that the balance of talent and visuals is important, sharing how she believes the dance could make the members look even better.

Yet, while Lisa wasn’t afraid to share her criticisms of the members’ performance, she was the perfect coach. Rather than just giving them feedback, Lisa got down and dirty, showing the members how to execute the moves so that they could visualize how it should look.

When the members started again, Lisa’s smile was undeniable as she continued to watch, praise, and give advice to the trainees.

When the practice ended, Lisa even made sure to wait and see if the members had any questions, emphasizing for them to be more casual with their words and calling her unnie.

She even got involved and did the dance with the members, getting adorably flustered when she got it wrong.

When the video was released, netizens couldn’t get over Lisa’s mentor aura. Although she was strict and tough, she was also caring and balanced her serious side with her caring personality.

As always, and like Jennie, Lisa made sure to be a firm but caring mentor. While she wasn’t afraid to give feedback, she did it constructively and even showed them the best way to improve.

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