BLACKPINK Lisa’s Mom No Longer Manages Her Money—These Are Its Pros And Cons, According To Lisa

Drop that money 💸

Money is no issue when it comes to BLACKPINK‘s Lisa! With the amount of brand deals, commercials, and album sales that she has, she can buy whatever she wants, whenever she wants.

In the documentary BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky, however, it was previously revealed that her mom oversaw her spending, always reminding her to know her limit.

My mom manages my finances. She’s gonna be like, ‘No, Lisa, no. Stop shopping for now.’ But I don’t really listen to her.

— Lisa

But according to a new Rolling Stone interview, Lisa is now the one who budgets her expenses.

[My mom] doesn’t take care of my finances anymore! Since debut, I’ve been managing my own money.

— Lisa

One thing she realized while doing it herself was that it was helpful for someone to keep her in check. When her mother held her money, Lisa had a limit each month. She could not go over that specific budget.

The advantage to Mom managing my money was, there was always a limit to how much I could spend a month.

— Lisa

Lisa with her mom and dad | @@blackpink__blinkk/Instagram

Without her overseeing everything, Lisa often found herself shocked at her monthly bill.

But now that I’m alone [I’m like] ‘Huh? Where did it go?’

— Lisa

At the same time, being her own banker had the clear advantage of allowing her to purchase anything without needing approval: “I buy whatever I want.”

As her B-Side track, “MONEY,” alludes, Lisa has fun whenever she’s “Dropping all that money.”

Source: Rolling Stone