BLACKPINK’s Lisa Is Actual Art — Stunning Fans As The First Asian Celebrity On The Cover Of V Magazine

Fans love the comparison.

There was no surprise that BLACKPINK‘s Lisa was stunning as the cover star for V Magazine‘s fall 2022 issue.

Lisa | V Magazine

But fans were impressed with V Magazine‘s commitment to flying to South Korea to feature Lisa, the first Asian celebrity on the magazine’s cover.

Fans were also grateful for the article about the talented idol, which praised her for her rap and vocal skills and her surprising duality.

She is both a rapper and vocalist, giving her a certain edginess that colors outside the lines of aegyo.

V Magazine

And V Magazine also opened up about Lisa’s well-loved personality, which shows her love for her pets and her kindness towards others.

In real life, she’s nohing short of humble, human, but nearly heavenly in beauty… giggling about her Doberman named Love, graciously thanking everyone for each shot before quickly changing into new looks.

V Magazine

Lisa and Love | @lalala_lfamily/Instagram

But fans were perhaps most caught off guard by V Magazine‘s unexpected yet accurate comparison of Lisa to the iconic Leonardo da Vinci painting, the Mona Lisa.

The Mona Lisa

Although the Mona Lisa is a legendary painting, V Magazine pointed out the shocking comparison of the number of visitors the painting receives each year to Lisa’s Instagram followers.

10.2 million people visit the Mona Lisa each year. In comparison, 80.2 million people watch Lalisa Manobal’s every move on Instagram.

V Magazine

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

And seemingly, in case anyone was planning on protesting the difference between following someone on Instagram and traveling to see a painting, V Magazine was prepared to show just how famous Lisa really is.

Of course, visiting a museum is one thing—images flashing on your screen is another. But somehow, Lisa del Giocondo, the subject of Leonardo da Vinci’s ubiquitous portrait, likely finished in 1517, is no longer the most famous “Lisa” in the world. Just check Google, where Lisa was more commonly searched for than the painting in the past five years.

V Magazine

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Fans, understandably, loved the comparison likening the idol to a work of art.

And the comparison is certainly fitting as Lisa continues to show her incredible artistry through all of her solo and group work.

You can check out some of her immeasurable talents with BLACKPINK’s recent comeback, “Pink Venom,” here.

Source: V Magazine