BLACKPINK Lisa’s Mother Gets Super Emotional While Watching Her “LALISA” Music Video

Her relatives even tried learning the dance!

BLACKPINK‘s talented maknae Lisa just made her solo debut with “LALISA” and it could not be more perfect! Since the drop of the music video, many BLINKs have taken to social media to express their love for it, including Lisa’s family!

Thai beauty blogger and relative to Lisa, Koi Onusa uploaded a new vlog that captured Lisa’s family members, including her parents, reaction to Lisa’s solo debut and it’s so heartwarming!

From the start of her morning, Koi Onusa showed her support by wearing black and gold to match Lisa’s album cover!

Before the release of the music video release, Lisa’s relatives counted down and watched her live broadcast!

Once the music video was released, Lisa’s family immediately sat down to watch! With their BLACKPINK lightsticks and adorable energy, Lisa’s family members’ reactions couldn’t have been more cute! Lisa’s relatives got especially cheerful when Lisa’s stunning pole dance scene came on!

While watching the music video, Lisa’s mother couldn’t help but get teary eyed!

After they finished the music video, Lisa’s mother commented, “I feel goosebumps. All the songs make me feel goosebumps.” When asked which style from Lisa they loved the most, Lisa’s mother shared, “We love all Lisa’s styles.

The family members eagerly monitored the views and celebrated each time it went up!

In the end, many of the family members expressed their excitement to learn the choreography for “LALISA.”

Check out Koi Onusa’s video below: