BLACKPINK’s Lisa Named One Of The Best Girl Band Performers Of All Time

She made the list along with iconic artists like Beyoncé and Diana Ross.

BLACKPINK has broken many records and set many new ones. They’ve also ranked in various lists as a group and individually. Here’s another one to add to their repertoire.

In The Guardian‘s article titled “From T-Boz to Beyonce: who is the best girl group member of all time?”, Lisa made the list of twenty-five iconic women who are the world’s “greatest performers.”

Coming in at number twenty-four, Lisa earns the spot for standing out as “a perfectly styled anti-gentrification protester” in the group’s “Kill This Love” music video.

From her vocals to her dancing, Lisa has it all when it comes to being a performer that you can’t take your eyes away from.

Source: The Guardian