BLACKPINK’s Lisa Tried Something New For The “LALISA” Photoshoot, And Completely Slayed It

Did you notice?

BLACKPINK’s Lisa recently released her first debut solo single, “LALISA,” and completely slayed with her visuals, talent, and charisma! She also released her first solo album with a stunning set of images and concepts. BLINKs have been treated to many Lisa pictures showing her different charms with two versions of the album.


Lisa recently appeared in an interview with OUTNOW Unlimited where she discussed some TMI from shooting the photobook, including her favorite outfit, which version she preferred, and much more.

In particular, Lisa revealed that she did something completely new for the photoshoot and hadn’t tried before: showing her forehead!

I never showed my forehead, but this time I did it for the first time ever. I think BLINKs would love it since they’ve never seen me without bangs.

— Lisa

While looking through the photobook, Lisa couldn’t hide her excitement seeing herself without the patented bangs. In both the gold and black version, Lisa showcases a new side to her, including her forehead.

Of course, Lisa is known for her world-famous bangs. Even though many fans have seen her without them during appearances and broadcasts, it is the first time in a proper photoshoot.

In K-Pop, whether it is female or male idols, fans seem to love seeing artists without bangs, and it can come as a huge shock or sense of excitement seeing them. Yet, as always, Lisa has proved that she can pull off every style.

| @sooyaaa_/ Instagram

With her first time showing her forehead in her first solo photobook shoot for her first solo single, she really is showing everything she has. It is no surprise that fans worldwide have fallen in love with it and everything Lisa has done.

You can watch the whole interview below.

Source: MUPLY