Niki Revealed She Wants To Team Up With BLACKPINK’s Lisa For A Collab

Fans are ready for it to become a reality.

What could be better than a collab between two talented artists? How about a collaboration between talented artists who are also best friends!


BLACKPINK‘s Lisa was recently chosen by Niki as someone she’d like to collaborate with and fans everywhere are more than ready for it to happen.


During a recent interview, Niki was asked if there was anyone she was thinking of doing a collaboration with and without a single moment of hesitation and with a huge smile on her face, she chose Lisa!

I would like to work with, maybe, Lisa! Lisa’s cool!

— Niki


As a very talented singer, songwriter, and record producer Niki has stolen hearts the world over with her stunning vocals and R&B sound. With the thought of Niki’s honey vocals mixing with Lisa’s powerful rap skills, fans are sure that any collaboration between them would be amazing!


On top of that, fans are sure that whatever they would work on would be a hit not only because of their outstanding talents but because they’ve got a great friendship. Niki and Lisa started off showing each other a whole lot of love and support online before they got to meet up in real life earlier this year. From there, their friendship has only gotten stronger!


There’s no doubt that if Lisa and Niki ever did a collaboration project together it would be absolutely epic. Now we just need to cross our fingers that a collab between them will happen in the near future!