Here’s The Stunning Outfit BLACKPINK’s Lisa Specifically Requested From Her Stylist

It’s gorgeous 😍

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa turned heads with her incredible pictures for her solo album LALISA. With her gorgeous makeup…

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…beautiful hairstyles…

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…and on point jewelry, this is one photoshoot that’s here to stay!

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Arguably the most memorable part about it, however, were all of Lisa’s fashionable outfits. She revealed in a behind the scenes video that she wanted one outfit so much that her stylist even brought it for her.

This is an outfit I really wanted to wear, so my stylist brought it for me.

— Lisa

The outfit in question consists of an extravagant coat, denim shorts bearing her name, and strappy thigh high heels. It’s bold, it’s beautiful, and it’s something Lisa pulls off perfectly!

Lisa herself was in love with it and thanked her stylist for going out of her way to bring it.

I’m so satisfied with it. Thank you!

— Lisa

She happily twirled around to express how satisfied she was with it.

Lisa was definitely spot on with her assessment of the outfit. It’s stunning!

Of course, it’s Lisa who completes the look.

Apart from sharing her favorite outfit in the photoshoot, Lisa also talked about the scene that she looked forward to the most. Read more about it here:

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