BLACKPINK’s Lisa Affirms That She’s “Proud To Be Thai,” And It’s Warming Our Hearts

She’s a great example!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is proud to hail from Thailand! As soon as her solo debut title track, “LALISA,” was revealed, fans noticed details that showed her love for her country. These included her Thai-style outfit and the lyrics, “From Thailand to Korea, and now here, went for the throat.”


In the second episode of LILI’s World, she brought fans behind the music video filming of “LALISA” and shared her thoughts on her heritage. When it came to the latter part of the video, she paid homage to her Thai roots by dressing in attire from the country.

She previously commented while on break that she’s happy to be able to show aspects of her nation in her single. Not only is she aware of the immense influence that she has, she also wishes to use this to promote her values.

I’m so proud that I’m Thai and I wanna show the world that I’m from Thailand.

— Lisa

Lisa proudly wore her custom made gold dress from the brand Asava and danced confidently to her track.

She even allowed Rosé to try on her intricate headpiece!

Following the release of “LALISA,” news site Reuters reported that Thai traders from Bangkok saw a spike in their sales as customers flocked to buy traditional outfits and accessories similar to what was shown in the music video.

A lot of people have been ordering from us via our online shop, while here at the shop, we’ve had a constant flow of customers coming up to us, showing interest every day, the whole day, asking what kind of headgear we have, what style, what color.

— Samorn Suthiwong

One thing’s for sure—Lisa made many people proud with her debut!

Check out the full video below.

Source: Reuters and YouTube