BLACKPINK’s Lisa Proves To Be A True All-Rounder In Their “Born Pink” Album, Cementing Her Legendary Trainee Reputation

Is there anything Lisa can’t do?!

Although K-Pop idols are expected to be perfect in every way, artists are normally known for certain specialties, whether it’s singing, rapping, or dancing. Taking into consideration an idol’s skills gives them a role within the group, but some are lucky enough to be good at everything.

One person who has recently gained attention for being a true all-rounder is BLACKPINK‘s Lisa.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalisa_m/Instagram

Since debuting, Lisa has gained attention for her many talents, alongside being a true visual. She has always been praised for her talent as a dancer. Lisa has even been ranked as one of the best in K-Pop. Watching her dance, it isn’t hard to see why she’s given this title.

| Lilifilm Official/YouTube

| Lilifilm Official/YouTube 

She is also an insane rapper and vocalist, proving her diversity after releasing her first solo album LALISA, with the tracks “LALISA” and “MONEY.”

Lisa’s “LALISA” video | BLACKPINK/YouTube

Lisa’s “MONEY” video | BLACKPINK/YouTube 

Yet, it seems like the latest comeback has truly allowed Lisa to live up to her title as an “all-rounder” as she showcases her roles as a rapper, dancer, and vocalist.

BLACKPINK recently returned with their first album in two years called Born Pink. The video for the title track “Shut Down” was also released, and the members truly shined with their talent, visuals, and charisma.

“Shut Down” music video | BLACKPINK/YouTube 


Of course, Lisa gained attention from the very beginning, shining not only with her amazing rapping and dancing but an unreal presence that just exudes star quality.


| BLACKPINK/YouTube    

Although Lisa’s rapping and dancing skills were truly showcased during the “Shut Down” video, the idol’s diversity was praised after netizens listened to the full album. In particular, the song “Happiest Girl” gained attention after Lisa’s flawless vocals could be heard.

When the clip was shared, netizens couldn’t get over just how good Lisa’s vocals were, with them all hoping it could be the start of seeing more from her in future comebacks.

Many also pointed out just how much this album has proved that Lisa is a true all-rounder when it comes to being a K-Pop idol.

Yet, it shouldn’t be surprising as, despite coming to Korea alone, Lisa has always been praised for being a “legendary” trainee. Caroline Suh, the director of the Netflix documentary BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky, spoke about Lisa’s bright personality in an interview and shared the members’ praise for her.

And the members mentioned that Lisa aced everything back when they were trainees. She’s humorous and she knows how to not take herself too seriously. So even after having become a huge star, she likes to joke around. She has one chill personality.

— Caroline Suh

The members of BLACKPINK spent years training and it can be seen whenever the group releases music. Lisa has shone during the recent comeback and, along with the members, proved why BLACKPINK is truly their strongest as OT4.

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