BLACKPINK’s Lisa Stuns Fans With Her Real Life Visuals In Rome—Here’s Proof That She’s Gorgeous AF In Person

Online or in real life, she’s stunning!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa never fails to amaze everyone with her gorgeous visuals wherever she goes! This much was true when she appeared in Rome on March 16 for a BVLGARI schedule as their brand ambassador.


Fans crowded around the building to catch a glimpse of the BLACKPINK dancer, and they were in for a treat! Lisa smiled and waved at them energetically, obviously happy to see her fans.

These BLINKs released close-up photos of Lisa that showed off her natural beauty. With a short blonde cut, simple makeup, and a black and white blazer, she was high-fashion from top to toe.

| @Lsglobal_/Twitter

Lisa looked as fresh as can be in the fan-taken photos and videos.

BLINKs pointed out that she was grinning from ear-to-ear and it made her look even more beautiful.

Her beauty was uncontested by everyone who saw her!