BLACKPINK’s Lisa Has The Best Reaction To Rosé Saying She Doesn’t Watch “Stranger Things”

Her reaction was relatable AF!

When it comes to the friendship between the BLACKPINK members, they are truly like a family and are always there to love and support each other. Yet, it also means that they like having fun and teasing each other whenever they can, showcasing just how close they are.

Two members who recently gained attention are Lisa and Rosé during their recent live broadcast.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé (left) and Lisa (right) | @lalalisa_m/Instagram

During the live broadcast, the two idols made BLINKs smile with their interactions, and, ahead of their comeback, it was truly amazing to see Lisa and Rosé have some fun together.

In particular, one fan asked Lisa if she had been watching the worldwide phenomenon that is Stranger Things, particularly the recent season finale. Without hesitating, Lisa replied, “Yes, I did. OMG.”


The idol then put her hand to her heart as if it gave her the feels. Many viewers of the show would probably have agreed with her reaction. She explained, “I watched season 4, so I’m anticipating Season 5.”


She then turned to Rosé and rightly asked her member if she had watched the show. When Rosé replied no, Lisa shook her head in disappointment.


If that wasn’t funny enough, after hearing that Rosé hadn’t watched the show, Lisa explained, “I can’t talk with you.” For anyone who is a  fan of a show and their best friends don’t watch it, Lisa’s reaction was truly relatable.


Lisa isn’t the only BLACKPINK member who is a huge Stranger Things fan.

In 2019, Netflix Korea uploaded a Twitter post named, “A Surprise Gift from ‘Stranger Things’ for Their Fans All Around the World (Ft. Jennie).” In the video, the cast of Stranger Things called out the names of fans whom they prepared gifts for, which included member Jennie.

| Netflix Korea/YouTube

Jennie has always expressed her love for Stranger Things. So, it wasn’t surprising that, in response, Jennie expressed her excitement and even shared a photo of her gifts with the caption: “오 마이 갓”(OMG).

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

When the video was shared, many realized that it’s not the first time Lisa has been truly relatable when it comes to watching shows.

Back in April, Lisa revealed that, like most netizens, she was watching the much-loved K-Drama Twenty Five Twenty One. Without even hesitating, Lisa explained that she was hooked on the K-Drama, and who could blame her for saying this with such confidence.

When she was asked what it was like, Lisa had the most relatable reaction. At first, she did a crying face and then held up a crying face and the smile with a tear emoji.

Anyone who has watched the show would understand why Lisa was feeling that way, especially when she added, “I actually cried at the end…”

Hopefully, Rosé will watch the show soon so she and Lisa can talk all about it. With both Lisa and Jennie certified fans of the show, it won’t be long before the show finds ways to incorporate the group into the show… or even a cameo?

You can read more about Lisa being #relatableAF below.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Has The Most Relatable Reaction After Watching K-Drama “Twenty Five Twenty One”