BLACKPINK’s Lisa Reveals Her Favorite Photo From Her “LALISA” Album And Why

Which photo is your favorite?

In light of her solo debut, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa recently held a live broadcast, #OUTNOW Unlimited: LISA, on Naver Now where she viewed her photo book in person for the first time!

During her live broadcast, Lisa received her photo book and was asked several fun interview questions about some of the pictures!


Lisa reacted to both the album’s versions, gold and black, and couldn’t contain her excitement over them! While she gushed over the beautiful gold version of the album, Lisa revealed that her favorite photo comes from the album’s black version.

While there are several beautiful pictures from the album, Lisa revealed she has a favorite! Once she received her album, Lisa immediately shared that the album’s front cover photo is her favorite photo! Lisa held up the photo and commented, “Well firstly, this is my favorite photo.

Lisa then discussed how the photo came to be so lovely. Besides her insanely stunning visuals, Lisa shared that she added small details to make the photo more charming. Lisa explained, “To look more.. exquisite? I drew some dots on my face. I really like this look.”

Once she shared which photo from the album is her favorite, Lisa continued to review and comment on the rest of the photo book.

Which photo is your favorite? Check out the video below: