BLACKPINK’s Lisa Initially Didn’t Want To Get Bangs—Here’s How Her Mom Convinced Her

She’s gorgeous with or without her bangs!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is known for her talent, visuals, charming personality, and countless more! While she has many things to her name, Lisa’s bangs are truly signature look!


So, when and how did Lisa come to get her iconic bangs? Lisa recently revealed the first time she cut her bangs in her new interview with Rolling Stone.

Surprisingly, Lisa did not want to get bangs at the start! It was actually her mother’s idea. Because she didn’t want to cover her lovely forehead, Lisa denied her mother’s suggestion.

It was my mom’s idea. Before school started, mom was like, ‘Hey Lisa, let’s go get bangs.’ I was like, ‘Bangs? No! I like my forehead. I don’t want to cover it.

— Lisa

While Lisa does have a nice forehead, her mother had a different opinion that ultimately succeeded in convincing Lisa to get bangs.

She’s (Lisa’s mother) like, ‘Nah, you’re forehead looks like… is not that pretty, just cover it.’

— Lisa’s mother

Of course, Lisa is gorgeous with or without bangs and it’s has been proven several times throughout her amazing career!

Check out the video below: