BLACKPINK’s Lisa Had A Funny Mishap With Her Gorgeous Jeweled Nails

“There was a funny episode.”

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa solo debut with “LALISA” was just released back on September 10 and BLINKs are still going crazy over the amazing album! Whether it be the songs or the album’s gorgeous photo book, Lisa has totally crushed everything! While all of the photos in the album are stunning, there was one photo that was actually a struggle to capture.

In her recently released live broadcast with Naver Now#OUTNOW Unlimited: LISA, Lisa performed, discussed her songs on the album, answered some fun interview questions, and commented on several of her photo book photos.

Before looking at the photo book, it was revealed that Lisa had never even seen it in real life before.

When she finally got her hands on the photo book, Lisa came across one photo that features her long jeweled nails. Lisa then admitted that she actually struggled with them a lot.

I think the nails are the key here. But here, there was a funny episode.

— Lisa

While Lisa pointed out how the nails are the main key to the photo, she explained that the jewels on them were so heavy that she struggled to keep them on.

Right after sticking the cubics after a few seconds, one would drop because it was too heavy. This cubic. So everytime we would stick, it would fall. Then we would stick it again.

— Lisa

They do look extremely heavy, but also extremely gorgeous! Here’s a close-up of Lisa’s nails from BLACKPINK’s nail artist!


The difficulties the nails brought to the shoot were clearly worth it as the photo turned out absolutely gorgeous!

Check out the clip below: